Yungdril – Hustle lyrics

Eroskelly beat dot com.
Its yungdril
Eroskelly beat it
Yea yea

Every aboki with him kettle.
I live my life i no send you.
This life na 1 e no get part 2.
Yea yea
I say Everyday i dey hustle dey hustle dey go.
Tryna make this money.
Everyday i dey hustle dey hustle dey go.
Ose show me the way.

Verse 1:
life is a race i was born in the marathon.
Evryday i dey hustle make i for dey untop
Look my eye you go see say i don try
Sumtimes the sun dey hot like say my head go soon fry
Stil on stil enemy no leme see road
Dey put eye for my head like say dem see gold
Na hustle carry men enter libya road.
But Na naija i for dey hustle na for naija i go blow
No matter wat i gatz to make momcy proud
Na wetin man get he take dey proud
South south boy edo boy.
Money dey my mind i dey reason like an igbo boy
Southshout to my boyz living d street life
We go shine for the street just like the streetlight.
Hustle hard till i no need introduce mysef
Success na when i no need to stress mysef

Verse 2 :
See this life be like school who no go no go know
To be broke and make am for this street no be joke
Trying to be something when nothing was given
Tryna make a life from this life we was given
But e no easy it has never bin
If i dey yarn rubbish na ur ear b d dustbin
we dey street no mean say we just raz
You go school no mean say na you get class
nobody send when you be nobody.
na poverty go make you reason every richman do bloodmoney
Me wan dey fly lyk my last name na emirates
Grass 2 grace story like my own name na 2face.
Na why i dey on my grind,i no fit kawa
Make my music evergreen e no fit sawa
D day pesin blow na dat day him day break
Every hustler get him pay day

Its yungdril
Look my eye you go see say i don try.

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